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Patreon Exclusive: The 'Esports Reckoning'

Two longtime esports experts joined Jacob to discuss the future of the industry and their new set of essays on what's going wrong.

In this Patreon-exclusive installment of Visionaries, host Jacob Wolf sits down with attorney Bryce Blum and former Riot Games and Loaded executive Avi Bhuiyan to dissect the central issues shaping the rapidly evolving landscape of esports and competitive gaming.

They begin by unraveling the intricate world of esports franchising, touching upon its potential to stabilize the industry and elevate player salaries while stressing the necessity for proficient, vision-aligned partners. Bhuiyan and Blum point out that franchising has exacerbated the complexity of the ecosystem, correcting some issues like player mistreatment and financial instability from the pre-franchise era, but also welcoming a new set of challenges.

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Wolf, Blum and Bhuiyan delve into the imperative for nuanced understanding of a sector enveloping considerations such as player salaries, league configurations, partnerships, and business professionalism.

The dialog then shifts to the pressing subject of player unionization in esports — an endeavor seen as a potential salve for present-day issues yet obstructed by unique hurdles including historical divergences from traditional sports and the role of game publishers. The lack of ethical and capable stakeholders in the scene, underscored by firsthand encounters with unethical industry players, further compounds these challenges.

Drawing upon rich experiences and insights, the trio emphasizes the necessity for a transformative approach grounded in professionalism and ethical conduct to foster a nurturing environment for players, partners, and sponsors.

In closing, this session of ‘Visionaries’ skillfully dismantles the most contentious points circulating in the ever-changing esports sphere, highlighting the urgency for informed, thoughtful analysis and decisive action in steering the future of competitive gaming.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available soon on this page.)

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