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How Gaming and Esports Can Effectively Tell Human-Interest Stories

Esports is full of interesting human interest stories. So why can't the industry tell them?

In the dynamic world of esports, where triumphs within the game arena often take center stage, there lies a crucial void—the untold stories of the players' human experiences. Known multimedia personality Erin Ashley Simon joins our host Jacob Wolf in this episode of Visionaries, shedding light on the profound challenges that shape the esports landscape today.

From the intricacies of marketability to fervent advocacy for mental health, Erin navigates through the industry's intricate tapestry with insightful discussions.

This episode dives into an exploration of the human side of esports, transcending the conventional narratives of in-game prowess. Erin, with her wealth of experience, articulates the need for a paradigm shift, urging the industry to recognize and amplify the personal narratives that exist beyond the gaming realm. She addresses the complex dynamics of marketability within esports, punctuating the discourse with real-world examples and behind the scenes insights while emphasizing the pressing need for mental health advocacy within the esports community.

Drawing from her own experiences and industry observations, Erin underscores the significance of fostering a supportive environment for players, acknowledging that their well-being is paramount beyond the virtual battlegrounds.

As the episode unfolds, Erin's narrative prowess comes to the forefront while she delves into the industry's evolution, drawing parallels with broader entertainment landscapes and stressing the importance of cultivating transferable skills. Through her unique perspective on Visionaries she advocates for a holistic approach to esports education, urging fans and players of the industry to develop not just a passion for the games but also an analytical mindset.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available soon on this page.)

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