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How Atrioc Got 630,000 Subscribers on YouTube & Twitch in 24 months

From Twitch employee to successful streamer, Brandon 'Atrioc' Ewing shares his secrets to his success.

In this episode of ‘Visionaries’, host Jacob Wolf is joined by Brandon 'Atrioc' Ewing, a content creator on YouTube and Twitch and member of the global marketing team at Nvidia.

The two discuss the role of platforms like Twitch in combating the growing sense of loneliness in the modern world, drawing parallels between Twitch's appeal and fast food – a convenient but not wholly fulfilling source of human connection.

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Exploring Atrioc's journey of rapid growth on YouTube and Twitch, this episode of ‘Visionaries’ sheds light on his shift from esports to a broader focus on general gaming. The discussion then expands to the changing dynamics of the gaming industry, as Atrioc and Jacob reflect on whether esports was perhaps oversold to its audience and Twitch's strategic shift from esports to gaming influencers.

This episode of ‘Visionaries’ dives deep into how gaming influencers have transitioned into A-list celebrities thanks also to TikTok's impact on content consumption habits since the rise of multi-million dollar platform deals for gaming influencers.

Throughout the conversation, Atrioc shares his opinion on the aspects of being a gaming influencer, addressing the short versus long-term mentality, the competition between YouTube and Twitch, the responsibility of influencers in shaping their audience's preferences and the importance of setting boundaries in parasocial relationships.

(A full transcript of the episode will be available soon on this page.)

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